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JavaMava Member Oct 26, Yeah that's really my issue. There was a time I never had a reddit, when my only experience of the community was Steam Forums and Facepunch. Naked girls shaved pussy. Hl2 naked alyx. I remember solving puzzles while just letting her do the work of killing people, in contrast of Blue Shift where you have to baby-step the NPC's along so they dont get die.

Lines felt forced and the level of optimism they had seemed unbelievable considering their situation. Probably because she was the opposite of most other female companions in video games, she wasn't a damsel to be saved solely for the plot Until episode 2, but she proved herself in the first two installments.

Hell, had I not seen it on top of the other building like 2 minutes prior the first time I played, I would have probably freaked out a lot more when it jumped down. And I think Black Mesa was totally alright with them because it was a remade version of their completed product, but what's being worked on right now for the beta is an unreleased product of theirs that they didn't intend on releasing.

It should be the prime example of how to make a good game HL2 and how to easily turn that good game around and make an awful game Cinematic Mod. Jan 12, Messages: The fact that we still hold Alyx as an example of a strong heroine just goes to show how little we've progressed in the last 10 years, in my opinion. Stahsky A passionate embrace, a beautiful memory lingers. That was not weird at all: Game Category Barney Submitter.

Secondly; She wasn't over sexualized. GameBanana is one of the oldest mod sites on the net. Black lesbian tumblr videos. Add a comment You must be logged in to post a comment. Joe Molotov Member Oct 26, And I've always thought of Alyx as the light that shined through the dark and bleak atmosphere of Half-Life', Nihilism and genocide, etc.

I'd be really impressed if as a true apology for Half-Life: She spawned a new character archetype for FPS games. Game Category General Submitter. Joined 5y ago I'm offline: Yeah it seems like pretty dark stuff. Are you the owner? Explain what you mean "know what files im looking at".

Valve has a tendency to make their female characters pretty "average" in design. When have I been known to ream people for being perverts? Moments after he said it I posted it and kept using it after that. Just A Glove 2hr Section Skins. Alert moderators and warn members of problems with mods. Why is Alyx Vance such a beloved video game heroine? As players actually interact with her as a protagonist as opposed to passively watching here play out set paths?

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I don't believe HL2 had mocap. Kate hansen naked. It's as if Gordon and Alyx don't realize they're still very much in the blast zone of the Citadel explosion and there is debree coming towards their face.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Featured 89 bScore 9. This was featured in the Valentine's Nudity FileBlog. ErichGrooms1 Joined 6y ago. Jessica Alba desnuda Ancensored Italiano: Jan 12, Messages: Source 2 and hopefully the episodes. Any 0 10 50 1, 5, 10, 50,Greater than Less than Equal to.

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Doctor Twilight Joined 1y ago. Hl2 naked alyx. I think valve giving her a reasonably decent AI and certain tools were really useful in Episode 1 when you were in the citadel. Yeah that's really my issue.

I wish I could bitch smack whoever started the "internets" term. Sexy girls getting screwed. Share This Page Tweet. All other people have a nice time watching! K guys it worked.

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I don't own a business so I guess I can't speak for them, but I would be fine with it as no one is getting mad at Valve. Chell is that one friend who breathes through their mouth and kind of looks like a fish if you stare at them for too long.

The Love Guru Jane Bullard 53 pics 1 clips. But yeah, definitive version of no nudity HL2 and plently of nudity Conan.

Dec 1, Messages: I totally agree with you though, I prefer the solo playstyle, the ambience is much stronger without alyx, except for the black mesa bits, without other characters it would feel emptier than it was but for a heroine, she's not too bad. Why is Alyx Vance such a beloved video game heroine? But seriously, she has a well-developed character, cracks a few jokes now and then, and on top of all that is a total bad-ass.

I genuinely found her personality annoying in the game, especially in the episodes. She doesn't really have aspirations of her own.

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