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Now you see her. Priya anjali rai tits. And I am sure somebody in her street must have warned her,but she preffer to experience humiliation.

Your name is Barbaric! You people read laws upside down…like tinted glass law. A dazzled battleship in the middle of Union Square. She had been dealt with. Naked lady camo. Excuse me please, you are expecting too much from this country oo! The language most Nigerians understand is force.

Nigeria is a jungle. It would be hella cool, but it would take allot of time and patience. Even if these guys are punished would that properly atone for what was done to this lady? Stripping a lady in public? Jump to first unread post. But invisitors to the 1,acre park were unaware that they were in the company of a group of women hiding among the rocks, trees, and grass.

Subscribe to our newsletter and get our latest, sent right to your inbox. In Dubai, camouflage is sold in all their boutiques and anyone is free to buy. Corn fed tits. Sheer lack of training of the officers. Should we now say that Evans the kidnapper, and those drug Lords in iboland who killed those innocent church goers as the grand attribute of ibos?

I love finding photographs or art randomly, then learning about the artist and finding out they are amazing like him. Boko haram and other terrorists wear army camouflage to commit their atrocities. You idiots that comes from military backgrounds think from your anus and like animals. Any deadbrain soldier from any region could do this. May God in his infinite mercy grant you nd your cohort the Biafra you seek from the Nigerian sate. I did not support the action of the army.

Do we blame the army it? On the website it mentions several places, including the nash museum of art, which is a place that i've catered at multiple times. By the way, is not just wearing of camo clothing alone, 9ja army can brutalize for just standing there looking like a bloody civilian.

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Your name is Barbaric! You idiots that comes from military backgrounds think from your anus and like animals. Is it the only clothe you can wear? It takes only a terrorist and rapists to do that.

Curved walls, angles of light all play into the finished project. Lesbian sex and masturbation. All of you are arguing blindly. Naked lady camo. Good lesson although not the best. Barbaric people that will never learn even if they are dumped in the school till they die, they will still die illiterate. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

Please, go back to China and push your drugs. Those Military Idiots are animals…Shameless Cowards…. I used camouflage in foreign country and even brought it home. Lesbian creampie tube. They are usually in mufti or in some barracks training etc. Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Where have in the world have you seen soldiers molesting people for wearing a fashionable camouflage except Nigeria.

I know our military can do a similar or even worse than that, but are we sure this is not a movie scene? When as it become the job of soldiers to arrest people? It can only be done by those who have no regard for human dignity. Nigeria is already in a fragile situation yet unauthorised persons continue to impersonate soldiers. Stop calling Nigeria — a zoo. My biggest worry in all these is I hope the lady was not rough handled afterwards because I suspect the way the officer was looking at her body deliciously.

To before warned is to before harmed!! A dazzled battleship in the middle of Union Square. Cant she be arrested given a change of clothes and charged to court if they feel she has done something wrong?

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In a civilized country no offence without a prescribed punishment…Jungle justice is a crime in itself and should be condemned by all and sundry, Gbam!

We are already a laughing stock. See what happens when you restrict ownership?

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The police should give you the same treatment. Beeg shemale fuck girl. Type 99 China The projects involve not only painting, but also some construction of sometimes major proportion! Sign up for our daily newsletter and enter to win a copy of our book, Atlas Obscura: If yes, is the prescribed punishment stripping the suspect? When as it become the job of soldiers to arrest people?

Stop sounding like a barbarian and talk like a civilized human. I guess they will also pick me up one day and the story will change. Flexible milf porn So, stop wearing Military uniform…. Ahhh gun control at work! The best thing you can hope for in this country is your five states as your future Republic.

Anybody who wants to reach destination of a journey should not kick an unknown sleeping dogs.

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Chely wright lesbian You are right two wrongs do not make a right. We have no atom of civility.
Mass effect 3 lesbian romance Mere wearing some camouflage clothing without the military insignia does not constitute impersonation.
White college girls fucking I was just thinking that my broda. Your father must surly be disappointed in you for calling him an animal, including your mother. Another poster, Mikool , said the military were fond of intimidating civilians.
Lola glaudini nude photos My biggest worry in all these is I hope the lady was not rough handled afterwards because I suspect the way the officer was looking at her body deliciously.
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