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To sum up, I believe Sally is truly underrated and is sometimes hated for no reason. In the past, that alone brought back the reality she could lose him.

Amy you out grown sally you came into the world and fridged you sally un the new woman expect Amy no way in hell or any wear you world beat Rouge and finally they upgraded you Amy if they give you a super power like going super being a use which you are and looking hot she needs work on hotness but just make her a Agent and a good back ground story your hair longer with a super power and a incredible video game of your self un whatever SEGA picks for you don't you think guys oh I dout about the video game though but screw sally screw you.

He always was and still is. Big boobs and pussy girls. Anyway, thanks for your in-depth analysis of her and the problems that plague her. I don't mind Sonic being one dimensional in the games, but in a comic, I want to relate to the characters and care about them. Naked sally acorn. She might have weaknesses, but they are not criticized or challenged like the SEGA cast. In fact, I think Amy does that with Sonally! You guys should be ashamed of yourself for giving us this character who is a girl! That doesn't make Sally any less of a Sonic character than the others.

Sonic needs to learn that even heroes need a respite once in a while, and there were many other fighters willing to take on Eggman themselves and weren't any more useless.

Naked sally acorn

Actually both Antoian and Sonic through it was a stupid Idea and Rotor never gave a comment to it implying that Sally just decided she does it with out a debate first just like in Issue 0 with the Anti-Robotozie boots which is technically canon because If I recall correctly was this plot mention in a flashback latter in the series. I'm going to make Jade have twin boy cousins After a tearful reunion from Sonic at Sally's surprise, and confusion as Sonic then proceeded to talk about events she had no knowledge of and a reunion with her father, Sally was requested by NICOLE to return to Sky Patrol.

Sally alongside the Freedom Fighters became my favourite cast. Why isn't sonic wearing pants now? And the rejection of Sonic's plan became even dumber after Metal Madness were the old Robotoziser from Issue 3 became relevant again which means there had the entire time a perfectly fine Robotoziser at there base ready to turn sonic into a unstoppable death machine.

Of course she'd say yes. ElctrcBoogalord Member 5 years ago. Sexy hot girls pussy pics. Sure, her "nudity" is getting "solved", but Sally haters will live on. Unfortunately, Metal Sonic beat them to the punch, and both he and Sonic disappeared through a Genesis Portal during the Freedom Fighters efforts to catch him.

While I think you've pretty much nailed the dichotomy between the two sets of characters, I'd disagree that the bigger problems lie with the Archie ones. They tend to bring in the asshole among all of us. Sally also broke down emotionally at the sight of Sonic being hurt. I mean there are people who like Sally Acorn and there are people who don't like Sally Acorn. Archived from the original on 2 November Kahunalilly Featured By Owner Dec 12, Why can't anyone else?

No shit she doesn't exist! Before Sally fans start insulting me in the comments, I would like to say I am not the only person who has noticed this, Ian Flynn did as well.

Thanks, and I await your ideas for me when you have them Actually, after hear so many people say she was in the comics first or saying she was in the show first, I just went and said she was in the 90s.

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She's a fictional character.

Sally in early Archie was rather immature if you thing about it. Spying on naked people. Very well written You explained your points very well, I totally agree with all this. Most conventional stories usually try to have characters, events and moral woven into the growing narrative. This is unconfirmed, officially. Sally represents a huge chunk of what is wrong with the sonic fanbase: It bugs me too.

Sally is a proficient tactician, strategist, and hacker. But I have found that many people have hated her for many false reasons. Naked sally acorn. Cactus Knight Member 5 years ago. Last Journal Entry Important! Since, Sally is written to be only to be the voice of reason, the writers end up trapping into this category without any room to be wrong and even quirky, leaving her coming off emotionless a lot of the time. Well as I said before, the writers were planning on giving Tails a notable role and they were probably gonna display how he gradually evolved into a competent pilot.

Her world collapsed at the tender age of five. Free adult xxx com. This series needs a reboot and a new writing staff. Check here for details. It is a thing that happens and you can't just read what's on the surface of a story it's very unimaginative to say the least. That kinda sounds like Sonic, actually. Unknown Amy's DOB is generally confirmed as September 23rd, since that was the release of her first video game. I've been through this guy's gallery and not once has he ever compared her with Sally to make the latter seem better than the former.

That's the reason or one of them that people hate Sally? I know guys such as Sasuke and Jawbreaker of PlayfurCinema have made topics on defending Sally already. If you see you've been getting a record "again" please check first that it doesn't say the record has been removed or updated.

Featured in Collections Sally Acorn by magnus It really bugs me whenever innocent female characters like Sally get bashed on for stupid reasons. Milf gets pussy licked. I mean it's not like he used his head to begin with or in anything else he appeared in. Again though, Sally could've definitely handled this situation better, but again, it was her stress that caused her to act that way.

Before editing, read the how to tag guide. While this seems like a horrible person, this is a clear personality.

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Fiona was already a criminal to begin with - she was never a perfect, good character.

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