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How long are the vids that these guys upload, and what is the content like? Seth and his boyfriend broke up. It's homophobic and it's child abuse.

Goes fully nude and a bit more and i can't get enough of his private videos! Well not really, but the title was obviously for the views. Delphine seyrig nude. But it is what it is. Ryan greasley naked. Jackson liked pics of hot guys too. You get what you want. Im ready for the sex tape to leak. No sex for one year. Slaves are immigrants and Disney is gay. Escort girl in ahmedabad. Mark is exactly what you'd expect to see in a gay who hates to be gay and desperately wants to me straight and accepted.

Or do you really think Bryan Singer is posting in every thread about young boys? If your question is who Tana is, she is notorious on YouTube, she rose to fame quickly. Good price and lots and lots of incredible content, i think he is under priced compared to some other accounts. These "reading my mean comment" videos are the fucking worst. I think YouTube as an entertainment medium is becoming archaic and outmoded. And Tyler Oakley, R Well, asshole, if you're so worried about people thinking gays just have sex, how about not posting a video like that?

It's free so why not? He did that for views. It's nothing but validation seeking, "Look how mean people can be, tell me how much you love me". Instant access to me via FB. A message to homophobic, religious people. We climbed a mountain. R Thanks for the answer!

R12 Now that you brought it up, Aaron liked this. Lesbian rough oral sex. The first time he appeared in one of Zach's videos he looked like a shy guy, but now you see the guy is tough and very alpha male.

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Testing Famous Instagram Products. Fat girl sexy dance. Calling it gay bullying is tricky. The One That Got Away. I think he mainly reviews comics, especially gay comics. Ryan greasley naked. R99 Patrick is so hot! The Superfame site used to be a good source for keeping up with YT and social media drama but it has been on "hiatus" for a few months The man is such an insufferable fame whore, as well as a literal whore.

R Thanks - it works if I play it directly in the DL embed but not if I click on the link to youtube but I heard him going on about how hot aaron is like you said And wouldn't IT be good to leave behind expressions that are related to religion such as "Jesus Christ! R, how is Ethan masculine? Another Smash or Pass. R39 Anyone else going to ask zach about his porn lol. His channel hasn't taken off.

I saw the likes too. Have they been posted here? Not buying the bisexual BS though Though when it comes to defending his actions, a few is still way too many. Tollywood actress naked images. They might claim to make them for a specific audience, like gays, but in reality they're all aiming at the 12yo girl audience, as that's the largest and most profitable.

Does YouTube Get Overwhelming? My body hasn't been touched yet. Good price and lots and lots of incredible content, i think he is under priced compared to some other accounts. Boyfriends read cute questions. Proof that I hate myself: I'm liking Davey Wavey today more than before because I am in favour of the revindication of the male body as an object of homosexual desire, something that for too long during history we have been denied and that only women had the right to enjoy so it is good to exercise our natural right to enjoy the male body.

Kinda like a mini-DL Oh you want to take things slow?

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What are you talking about? If you have time watch some earlier videos pre move to the states.

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Jackson and Bryce at SocialCon. Nude clean pussy. Apparently, there is still speculation on his sexuality just a few days ago but nothing official R That doesn't surprise me. Ryan greasley naked. The snaps from Jackson and Aaron's date? If they reply messages frequently too, that's an added bonus!

He needs advice to upload better content. Two sexy girls together Couple smash or pass prank. His voice is grating as hell Never heard of this guy but he has over K subscribers Daniel takes care of Matt after his surgery.

Love Dan and Jon. I will unfollow you and unsubscribe. I just know there have been rumors for a while.

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Big real boobs naked Members The team Contact us. Great page but it's still fairly new.
Sexy girls having sex with another girl I don't feel like it's a big enough topic for its own thread, besides.. Show up in every moment like you are meant to be there! Connor Franta wore a dress.
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