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Although he is straight, he agreed to do the scene. Many gay men have fantasized about Marco Dapper. Hot sexy girl x. Everyone is upping each other. And then there is the penis. Marco dapper nude photos. How straight is Marco? You up the ante. In a bold move at the Teen Choice Awards, funny man Dane Cook publicly called out Vanessa Hudgens for her inappropriate camera cell phone usage, ie.

His bf is pretty much a carbon copy. Vote in our poll and share your thoughts. He's goin' to Hollywood! July 16, at 3: I went in one day for a Cinemax audition, a softcore. Sania mirza nude sexy. Soon after, he first encountered casting director Patrick Baca, who would later work on Eating Out 2. It's free so why not?

Timing and luck have so much to do with success in HW. Allan Brocka, Marco and Phillip J. Actors don't get the fact that most people already think they're a bunch of fags and nothing they can do will change that.

No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. I would think that all the major media companies are based in and work ut of LA or NY. Marco is eye candy. Support Gay Body Blog. An aspiring actor who waits tables between acting gigs! I think it's written into their contracts. It's not John Bregar either.

Marco with co-star Rebekah Kochan. Need to eat at toast soon! Jonathan Rhys Meyers The Tudors. Marco came close on some projects before Eating Out 2—but he almost missed being our boy Troy because his agent rejected the part before running it past him.

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Here's another pic from the shoot.

When we heard that he was going to be naked in the movie 'Java Heat' we couldn't believe it. Shaved and nude. You need to cast Marco on the next season of Jersey Shore. Notice how it doenst move like a penis or balls when he takes the robe off. I'm sure he's pleasant to look at in person, but if he hadn't shown his dick in the movie, nobody other than his sex partners would give him more than a moment's notice. Support Gay Body Blog. Keep up the good work! They do say he was completely shaved though so his "pubes" were fashioned for him by the make-up people.

Either he will score one of these days or he will come to the realization that life just isn't that black and white. Marco dapper nude photos. These guys aren't truly famous or stars or anything like that, and they have real lives.

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But great-looking men are common in Hollywood, and talent is as likely to be found serving you hamburgers there as treading the boards. To hear Marco tell it, he always wanted to act, but never let himself get too caught up in it precisely because he feared it was simple fantasy.

Great scene in average but fun movie: It should be noted that extremely good looking guys like Marco Dapper are the subject of gay rumors, gossip and fantasies — similar to what we see with people like Mario Lopez. I'm SURE you'd throw him out of bed over it! So why not let the gay people be as miserable as the straight people?

Oh hon- that's NOT gayface? To Anonymous who said that this is a fake pic. Jude law naked pics. I just realized, 'Not all of them are hitting on me.

Much ado about very mediocre food. Some are very cheesy, very He is by all accounts gay friendly and very supportive of GLBT causes and civil rights. He got there by making a giant leap away from home, toward accomplishing a lifelong dream, away from going with the flow. Is Ryan Carnes out? Pussyphobe is more like it. It is a rare and lucky person who is able to support themself solely as an actor. Being gay for low pay has had its fringe benefits.

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